Email Quiz

1. should. Because, if the person you are emailing does not know who you are then the subject can help them figure out what the meaning of the email is and if you are sending spam or not.

2. shouldn’t. Because, if the email is found by someone else then spam can be sent to them.

3. shouldn’t because not everyone wants to read the email or even care about it. And if you do it to much it gets annoying after a while if it doesn’t apply to them.

4. shouldn’t. Because, no one wants to get emails from people that they don’t want to respond to.

5. Should because it is a private conversation and they are telling you this so you will respond.

6. Should. If the email is important and needs to be replied to then the person needs to know who you are and how to reach you.

7. shouldn’t. Because spam sucks.

8. Shouldn’t. Because you are an idiot if you think this.

9. Shouldn’t because this is not mature and not everyone wants to see this.

10. should, because privacy is very important and if you sent me something and you only wanted me to know about it then it would be rude of me to not keep it private.


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Five Assignment in One


The article, too sexy for CO2? Try the hermes smart fortwo, is about the new smart cars. These cars come in nine different bring colors and leather interior. Hermes took on the project to commemorate the tenth birthday of the smart brand. These cars so an extra $48,000 and can help change our environment for the better.

The next step for the smart car fortwo is to add  more colors and make more of a variety  of these cars and their interiors for those who want something different. The only problem with this car is that it is very expensive for something that is small and can not hold many people. Because it can not carry more than two people it makes other people have to drive more cars therefore polluting our earth even more.

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Monday’s Assignment

what is a computer virus?

Computer viruses are just one kind of online threat. Some can wipe out the information on a hard drive, tie up traffic on a computer network for hours, turn an innocent machine into a zombie and replicate and send themselves to other computers.

They are very dangerous to have, because you do not know the damage that they can do to your computer and they can send themselves to other computers without you known.

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MLA Paper


the six important parts of an MLA paper are the margins, the paragraph spacing, the page numbers, the bibliography, the header you have, and the allignment of differnent titles and headers.

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What has changed?

Because Barack Obama is now the president of the United States, there is going to be change, and this change will most likely be for the better. First, there is going to be less hate towards the president and he will have a lot more respect because he is someone that is inspiring, young and new to our country. Because Barack is African American, there is some hate towards him, and this hate will hold him back as president because some people will not believe in what he stands for. It is because they have ideas about what a black man can do and can not do. And for some people they believe that a black man should not lead our country. But the fact that Obama won shows a lot of promise for our country because there are many people who believe that a black man can lead our country successfully.

In the next four years i will be voting because i will be past the legal age. But, i don’t want to be one of those people who votes just like everyone else but i think that’s the right thing to do, i want to become more aware of what is going on in our country and the political aspect of it. Also, i want to be more helpful to our environment and do what i can to help it.

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AutoBlog Green

Alex J. Severinsky wins recognition for “inventing the hybrid” article questions who should have the credit of inventing the hybrid car. The United States justice system rewarded PAICE AND RUSSIAN-BORN INVENTOR Alexander Severinksky.

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The Election has an article called “2 Accused of hanging Obama effigy on Ky. Campus.” This article is about how two 21 year olds in Lexington hung a life size image of Obama from a tree. These men were arrested, and there have been other incidents that involve effigies of the presidential candidates. This article is interesting because, all I’m wondering is who on earth would even think of hanging a life size image of someone in high power. These people are just odd. is an article called Australians charged over attack on 75-year-old flamingo. Four Australian teenagers were charged Thursday with attacking an almost blind greater flamingo that is believed to be the oldest bird of its kind in the world, police and zoo officials said.

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Hoily Crep, Batman, I Got a Progress Report

Wikipedia is a search engine that gives you answers to the questions that we have everyday. If you need to know the definition of a word, a description of an event in history, or the background of a well-known person in our society, then this source can be very helpful. But, the only problem is that anyone can write and put input into this source, even if it is incorrect information. But, how can you tell if the information given is correct? That is the problem with Wikipedia. But, because Wikipedia is so huge and there is a lot of truthful information it is reliable. Also, if there is another page of information that is related to the source then it will highlight it for you so that it is known. By giving related information is helps out the searcher and their quest for an answer. When I need to look up a definition for a history assignment or the date of a war I usually go to Wikipedia, and it will give me some sort of information. Even if it is not a page length of info it is still more then I knew before I searched. When you look up the name of someone well known in the world it gives a picture. The picture is helpful because it shows that it is the person and the information given is correct. The beauty of Wikipedia is that when you type in the keywords there are a numerous amount of pages that have something to do with your topic. The pages given give you a variety of ideas to further explore.

While Wikipedia seems like something that totally amazing and can solve the problems to the most outrageous ideas in a teenage mind, there are a few problems with it. Wikipedia can be very misleading, as I stated before, not all the information can be trusted. Wikipedia is supposed to be helpful in that it successfully tell you the correct information that will benefit your assignment and your knowledge later in life. Isn’t the point of a search engine to give you accurate information? If the information is incorrect then it is only hurting you and the others that are trying to learn and gain more. As Americans we trying to become the best, the smartest, and excel to such a level that is unknown. Wikipedia is slowing us down in our advancement because it is giving up the incorrect facts of history and language.

Because Wikipedia is so huge that it seems to have corrupted us to trust it because so many people use it and it is very versatile. It is translated into ten different languages and therefore known around the world. This is just one search engine that is said to be reliable, but can we really trust it? And if this is not reliable then what else can we trust and not trust in the world that is to benefit us. Overall Wikipedia is a reliable source because is has expanded around the world, but if you put all of your questions into it then you might end up learning the incorrect information.

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History of the Internet

sources for the history of the internet:


1962- J.C.R. Licklider of MIT first proposed a global network of computers, and moved over to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

1969- The Internet, then known as ARPANET, was brought online

June 1970- MIT, Harvard, BBN, and Systems Development Corp (SDC) in Santa Monica, Cal. were added to the connected four internets.

January 1971- Stanford, MIT’s Lincoln Labs, Carnegie-Mellon, and Case-Western Reserve U were added.

1986- the National Science Foundation funded NSFNet as a cross country 56 Kbps backbone for the Internet.

1989- other than library catalogs, to index the Internet was created

1991- the first really friendly interface to the Internet was developed at the University of Minnesota.

1991- became the World Wide Web , was based on hypertext–a system of embedding links in text to link to other text

July 1992-November 1992- Delphi was the first national commercial online service to offer Internet access to its subscribers. It opened up an email connection and full Internet service.

ARPANET- another name for internet

Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)- brought the internet online

Router- A router connects networks together, controlling the routing of packets from source to destination and providing alternate paths when necessary.

Telnet- Telnet is a protocol that lets you log in to a remote computer and use programs and data that the remote owner has made available, just as if it were your local computer.

FTP-File Transfer Protocol. The Internet protocol that permits you to transfer files between your system and another system.

TCP/IP- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The protocols that are the basis for transmitting and routing data packets on the Internet

Listerv- One of the earliest types of e-mail discussion lists, and still in widespread use, although there are many other types now, too.

Archie- One of the first search engines introduced to the nets, developed by Peter Deutsch and others at McGill U. Archie.

WAIS- Wide Area Information Server. An indexing system for documents that indexes the full text of the documents, and scores searches on the basis of the relevance of its vocabulary to the search terms.

Gopher-A friendly menu system for exploring the Internet developed at the University of Minnesota.

Spider- Also known as worm. A software robot that serves a search engine by exploring the net, collecting web page addresses and page contents.

Peter- A software robot that serves a search engine by exploring the net, collecting web page addresses and page contents.

Mainframes- are computers used mainly by large organizations for critical applications

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Chain E-mails

1. Chain emails consists of a message  that attempts to induce the recipient to make a number of copies of the letter and then pass them on to as many recipients as possible.

2. A Chain Letter is a letter sent to a number of people asking each recipient to send copies with the same request to a specified number of others. The circulation of a chain letter increases in geometrical progression as long as the instructions are followed by all recipients.

3. A pyramid scheme is a fraud based on recruiting an increasing number of investors.  Also known as sometimes confused with MLM (Multilevel Marketing) or Network Marketing.

4. Because you don’t always know who the true sender is and if you do not know the sender then you should not open it because you don’t know what it is.

1. Because they say stuff about your life and the future and how it can become really good or really bad. And if you don’t send them to more people then something bad will happen to you so because people don’t want to risk it they send the chain letter.


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