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Chapter 7

In chapter 7 I learned what causes red eye in a photo. And, it is caused by the retinas reflecting to the camera flash. In other images there can be problems with the photo besides red eye, such as a lens flaw. The causes of  a lens flaw are, if you set the lens’ focal length incorrectly or by tiling the camera vertically or horizonilly. I learned that there are many things that can happen to an image, and it can either be caused by the photographer, and the way in which the camera is set or used.

(A)  locate and interpret written information;

Find and translate written information;

(D)  demonstrate productive work habits and attitudes, for example, dependability and punctuality; and

Show that they are on task and they attitudes are punctual.


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chapter 6

In this chapter I learned that a mask is similar to a channel in that that is where it is stored and known as. These masks are helpful because once you deselect the image it goes away and you are able to work on the other images without the interference of the masked image. A Channel is the storage area its self of and image and that image is a layer because it is selected and edited by panting tools.

(A)  identify and describe the different components of the telecommunications industry;

Know and describe the different components of the industry;

(iii)  retrieve data; and

Keep data and

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Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 I learned that you need to also remember the name you saved the image under and constantly save it or else it will not be saved and you will be screwed, trust me I know. I also learned that it is possible to make one layer of an image to be in front or behind another layer; you can do this by using layers and the subcommands which include bring to front, step back and other things. It is very helpful when you want one image to stand out and be surrounded to other images as if they were all connected.

(A)  differentiate the nature and interrelationships of fields, records, and files in databases;

Know the difference in nature and the relationships that intermingle with the fields, records and files

(iii)  retrieve data; and

Keep data and

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Chapter 1 Photoshop

In chapter one I learned that there are two types of images that you can open within Photo shop; any sort of graphic of photograph that can be scanned and also a digital image. In photo shop there are tools that have tools with-in it. For instance, there are different types of “wands” that are used for different programs and photographs. If the photograph needs to be retouched then one wand might be more useful than the other one. This shows that there are multiple options to solving a photography crisis. To make it easier to find tools and keep the space organized you can move it around to your liking. This organization will help with clutter and make it easier to view and change the photograph.

(B)  incorporate supplementary resources and references;

Connect the information to resources and references;

(E)  organize ideas logically and sequentially.

Organize their ideas

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Chapter 4

In chapter four i learned that by creating different layers you save one selection of the picture and keep it’s original state to keep if you made a mistake or want to see the change from the original to what you have now. The magic wand outlines each section of an image based on it’s layers and shading of each part of the image. It is helpful when you want to change only a portion of the image because it defines it for you.

(C)  list available hardware and software most appropriate for specific tasks.

List the hardware and software that are the best for the specific tasks

(A)  differentiate the nature and interrelationships of fields, records, and files in databases;

Know the difference in nature and the relationships that intermingle with the fields, records and files

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Chapter 3

In this lesson i learned that a snapshot is useful in that it is a temporary record of a specific stage in your work. This is useful because you can revert to a time in your history palette and see the changes you have create and what step they were made in.

(B)  incorporate supplementary resources and references;

Connect the information to resources and references;

(E)  organize ideas logically and sequentially.

Organize their ideas

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Chapter 2

In lesson two, I learned how to turn an image by using a cropping tool and that tool also allows you to trim and scale the image. I also learned that once you have change the saturation of an image, by changing the purity of the image, you are able to change the tent of the image.

(B)  compare the functions and features of different operating systems, environments, and utilities; and

Compare the uses and features of different operating systems, environments and utilities; and

(C)  create desktop publications importing text and graphics; and

Create the graphics and text for the publication, and:

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Vector vs. Raster

Raster- A scanning pattern of parallel lines that form the display of an image projected on a cathode-ray tube of a television set or display screen.

Vector-are not made up of a grid of pixels but of paths.

Bitmap- a map of dots, or bits, that looks like a picture

Anti-aliasing- By shading the edges of the image with a gray to make it look not as ridged.

PDF-“Portable Document Format” a multi-platform file format developed by Adobe Systems

AI-Non Human controlled Intellegance

SVG-Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML specification and file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics.

Adobe Illustrator- a vector based drawing board developed and marketed by Adobe Systems.

Adobe Photoshop-a graphics editor made by Adobe Systems.

“Save Link As”-i can’t not find this one.

Black and white photo file size: 400 x 320 Resolution: jpg

Black and white Vectored file size: 400 x 320 Resolution: png

Colored Flower’s Original file size: 640 x 480 Resolution: jpg

Colored Flower’s Vectored file size: 640 x 480 Resolution: png

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Short Story

With my fellow companion, Nicholas Bowman Guild, I embarked on a journey through the Amazon where we searched for the diamond of hope. This diamond was so pure and rare because it came from the sea of tranquility which was home to the blue elephant. With my machete of wisdom i lead the way through the tall banana trees and pineapple shrubs, which became our only source of food. But, what we did not know was that the pineapple juice was the key to the portal of confusion. Once we entered the portal Nicholas because very distorted and unaware of who he was. My solution, make him a fluffy penguin. Thankfully the keepers of the Diamond of Hope were penguin-phobic so they ran away in fear that he would control them with his cuddliness and love for water. I reached for the diamond with my left hand but then realized that my machete slipped out of it’s holding and sliced my hand off. So then i reached for it with my right hand and we traveled back to Miami where we lived on boat with Penguin lovers.

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Wednesday Review

1. BCC allows you to send an e-mail to a group of people but when they receive the e-mail they don’t know who else received it.

2. BCC is a great way to keep messages confidential with someone because not everyone sees the message, but just your conversation with them.

3. They have recently created a dvd that can hold about 400 Gigga Bites

4. 400 Gigga Bites is about 70-80 cd’s or about 100 movies on one disk.

5. CD’S with RW on them can be reused at least 8-10 times.

6. When putting music onto a CD you are literally burning the plastic to put information on it.

7. To read the music on a CD there is a lazor that is reading it.

8. The lazors used on CD’s are different from the lazors used to read DVD’s.

9. BCC stands for Blingd Carbon Copy

10. When saving assignments to the computer, there will always be a dot and three letters after what ever you title it yourself as.

11. This is done so the computer knows where to organize and open the files to.

12. When you save assignments to the computer, only use letters, space, numbers.

13. At school you should save documents into the “H” drive in a folder.

14. You can not save documents in the “S” drive because it will get washed out.

15.If you have a google account you can create documents and save them there in google docs.

16. Hardware disks are made from alluminum

17. On the disks there is an iron coating.

18.  A magnet moves the iron coating particles around on the disk.

19. Cd disk’s are optical disks.

20. If you save a document with something other than letters, spaces and numbers then the computer will be confused with where to put the file.

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