Wednesday Review

December 10, 2008 juliarice

1. BCC allows you to send an e-mail to a group of people but when they receive the e-mail they don’t know who else received it.

2. BCC is a great way to keep messages confidential with someone because not everyone sees the message, but just your conversation with them.

3. They have recently created a dvd that can hold about 400 Gigga Bites

4. 400 Gigga Bites is about 70-80 cd’s or about 100 movies on one disk.

5. CD’S with RW on them can be reused at least 8-10 times.

6. When putting music onto a CD you are literally burning the plastic to put information on it.

7. To read the music on a CD there is a lazor that is reading it.

8. The lazors used on CD’s are different from the lazors used to read DVD’s.

9. BCC stands for Blingd Carbon Copy

10. When saving assignments to the computer, there will always be a dot and three letters after what ever you title it yourself as.

11. This is done so the computer knows where to organize and open the files to.

12. When you save assignments to the computer, only use letters, space, numbers.

13. At school you should save documents into the “H” drive in a folder.

14. You can not save documents in the “S” drive because it will get washed out.

15.If you have a google account you can create documents and save them there in google docs.

16. Hardware disks are made from alluminum

17. On the disks there is an iron coating.

18.  A magnet moves the iron coating particles around on the disk.

19. Cd disk’s are optical disks.

20. If you save a document with something other than letters, spaces and numbers then the computer will be confused with where to put the file.


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